As a Digital Transformation Business Coach, Author & Speaker – My team helps Business owners & division leaders identify new & hidden revenue opportunities to grow the business and I create a roadmap to Coach them to implement strategies & systems to hit these goals.

With 13+ Years as an Technology professional Working in large companies as Network & Security Engineer, Customer Experience Project manager, Technology Department Manager and Business Development Manager working with Pre- & Post Sales engineers in 5 Continent.

I noticed that all businesses suffer from the same thing but Small & Medium businesses don’t have both the money & coaching or consultant budget to help them to grow as much. Yet Small business makes up more than 60% of employment for any country. This inspired me to get Certified as a Digital Marketer and Transformation Coach. Over the last 36 months, a number of small organizations asked me to speak on Technology for Small businesses. This inspired me to take a step back from Corporate & starting working on and testing various systems & processes to create a framework that works to help business owners to understand technology as a tool & not FEAR it so they can generate revenues offline & online as an extension or new direction in a global marketplace.

After years of much effort & spending 5 to 6 figures my team has partnered with a Global team of professionals to create an Amazing E-Learning Marketing system and framework – currently used by more than 5000 small business clients in over 50 countries to grow their businesses by adding 5 & 6 figure revenue growth in months. 

My clients say I have a special talent for “connecting the dots & perspective” that simplifies & creates actionable steps that help business owners create new revenue from practical Marketing & irresistible Customer Experience that create Ambassadors like clients and customers. Our Framework begins with understanding the pain points then identifying quick solutions to flaws that once resolved will increase revenue or remove bottlenecks to show growth. On top of that our team creates the opportunity for business owners to Do it themselves or follow our lead with one on one coaching. We provide a step-by-step approach that enables any business to instantly produce more leads, close more sales and see a dramatic increase in revenue and profits. Our Lighthouse Business Accelerator model is designed to allow business owners to earn their freedoms back by creating systems that allow them enjoy the fruits of their labors while impacting their communities and families by staying profitable.

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